About Us

We are a top flight seasoned International Identity Verification Organization with retainerships and  locations across the glob in educational sector, professional bodies, judiciary and other organizations.
Presently, FSS has one of the largest ID Card Creation and Verification System in Africa managing over 2 million identity cards both hardware and software for different organization globally. It is the sole inventor of the Internet ID card System.

Our identity card is a Hi-tech identity card with information technology security features. Among others, the several benefits that will accrue to your company if it considers adopting our identity card will not be; or limited to the following:
1. We maintain a two billion (expandable) internet data base capacity for identity cards, meaning-all identity cards that will forever be produced by our company will be banked in the internet.
2. The identity cards have barcodes features i.e the card can be accessed to internet data base.
3. Thus, the authenticity of the identity card can be verifiable instantaneously via the barcode numbers in front of the identity cards using any smart phone.
4. In the case of your organization, your medical care or service provider can easily confirm the authenticity of the student enrollee’s status before being admitted for treatment.
5. On expiration of studentship, the barcodes are immediately deactivated
thereby barring the student enrollees from accessing medical services and reduces claims on treatment to such category of enrollees.
6. The card when produced will carry special feature such that your client institution may not need to duplicate identity cards as the cards can conveniently serve all identity cards purpose in the institution including restricted access purposes.
7. As check or control on actual service delivered by medical services providers, your organization can make it as part of its MOU with its medical services providers that the records for claims on enrollees treated or attended to should include barcodes on the identity cards of recipients or beneficiaries’ enrollees.
8. This class of identity cards may serve as one of your organization’s major selling points while marketing TISHIP in other institutions as such institutions may not need to incur the cost of producing alternative identity cards having engaged your company as its HMO on TISHIP.
9. Where the hardware is missing and before production, the soft ware serves the same purpose of identity.
10. Members can apply for the ID Cards anywhere including their bedrooms, provided they login through their authentication codes; which shall be generated by us.
11. The soft ware serves as a final proof of authentication as one may succeed in forging and or making a counterfeit of the hard ware which is not possible with the soft ware.
12. It enables easy an accurate knowledge of its staff/and thus ghost workers are handled by a certified organization on behalf of the client.
13. It creates a reliable database containing detail information on biometrics and other information for data storage and usage and other information which may not be on the hardware.
14. In accident situation or other hazards, and the hard ware is not available, the soft ware gives relevant information.
15. Embassies and other organizations can rely on software more convincingly than even the hardware.
16. It creates uniformity among nationals and multi-national organizations which members are spread all over but bearing a uniform identity by virtue of their callings etc.