​Who Are We

​We are a top flight seasoned International Identity Verification Organization with retainerships and  locations across the globe, in educational sector, professional bodies, ​and other organizations.​FSS has one of the largest ID Card Creation and Verification System in ​the world ​presently managing over 2 million identity cards and an unlimited expendable database in both hardware and software for different organizations globally. It is the sole inventor of the Internet ID card System.

​Why Choose FSS ID Card?


​Our ID Card is secured with the bar cord system which make it impossible to forge or duplicate.


​​At your convenience, you can apply for ID Card within 10mins and attach a selfie with your phone


​With our cloud storage system, your ID can be verified by authorization in ​seconds

How it Works

  • ​The client provides or gives an estimated number of staff that needs ID cards.
  • ​FSS generate authentication code numbers and the client issues these to it’s staff/members/students as the case may be
  • ​The authentication code numbers serve as entry permit for the ​applicant to upload and register his information in the portal created for such.
  • ​upon submission of the user data, a prototype of the ID Card is displayed.
  • ​Immediately, FSS gets the  card printed and delivere to the organization as agreed.

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